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AAT Scrollers / Roller Blinds

This is where PCU's started for AAT. Roller blinds provide a high-quality image that displays your font the way your original corporate image was perceived, without compromising on colour or style!

Able Applied Technologies Multi-segment display

At the heart of all our systems is the digit itself. We are very proud of the invention and innovation that is displayed inside our Roller Blind product.

Key design elements in our system, for which we hold a worldwide patent, are our films, film tensioning and sensing systems. For the proper and continued operation of a PCU the quality of the film and the ability to keep it under tension are paramount. The film must be anti-static to remain clean, kept taut to prevent sticking to the surrounding acrylic surfaces, and utilize a robust sensing system that can withstand the rigors of an outdoor environment. Our unique single motor design coupled with our spring tensioning system allows us to meet these criteria for a reliable product, and yet retain a simple construction. Our barcode and sensor system was a world first and has been copied by many since but never equaled! A unique feature of our product is that the system is entirely modular.

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