Our Strengths

With years of industry experience behind us we feel that we 'know' what makes a good solution. AAT, along with our associate companies around the globe, can offer a 360-degree relationship, which in essence means we'll be there for you when you need us. This is something we've done from the beginning for all our customers, and indeed many believe it's that 'personal' touch that is our strong point.

We feel our main strengths as a company are:

INFRASTRUCTURE. As partners in a demanding re-imaging program not only do we manufacture the product but we can provide the flexibility and assistance programme managers require. We also provide regional support and training in the countries we supply to, and already have a network of local agents.

MANAGEMENT. AAT believes in providing its clients with a local point of contact who can make immediate decisions on behalf of our company in response to the rapidly changing nature of clients' needs. This, together with a direct line of communication to the directors, means that your contact will have the authority and the responsibility to implement decisions on the spot.

QUALITY ASSURANCE. AAT has been accredited to global standards for many years and in addition endeavors to use only accredited suppliers for its products. We also have experience in additional specific customer-related quality and reporting requirements and consider this to be just another part of our service-oriented approach.

CURRENT NETWORK. AAT has offices and manufacturing facilities in the UK, Mexico, Australia, China and the USA. These serve as the hub for their respective regions. We recognize the need for local support i.e. local companies in the country of business. We currently have partnerships offering a varying range of support services in USA, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan and Korea.

DESIGN AND SPECIFICATION. In order to simplify our product specification, and to provide the most cost-effective solution as a fully integrated part of the overall on-site solution, we have in-house industrial designers and mechanical, electronic and software engineers available to assist both in the preliminary concept development stage and during the detailing of the final specification.