Welcome to AAT

AAT is an International company at the cutting edge of signage and price display solutions. We Invent, Design, and Manufacture products that have changed the nature of how retail oil businesses communicate with their consumers. From displaying the price of fuel with LED signs outside a station forecourt (PCU's or 'Price Change Units') , illuminating your canopy with accent bars, or replacing conventional lights with high efficiency LED lights you will find AAT has the innovation and experience to help your brand and image be effective and consumer-friendly.

Our products are designed and patented by us, so you can be sure that we have a 'real' understanding of how they can help your business. We are totally involved with the full development life cycle of our technology, as we believe it's the only way to stay on the innovative edge of our industry.

To put it simply, your business grows because of your communication with your customers. We at AAT design, build, and facilitate that communication for you. If you need any more convincing just bear in mind if you've ever seen a Price Sign outside a gas station in Europe, The America's, or Australasia...Chances are that it's one of ours!